• Holds Cleaning...

    Holds Cleaning...

    Cleaning ship holds with high-pressure equipment, serving the main ports of Brazil.

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  • Ship Services

    Ship Services

    Attendances in more than 10 ports at Brazil

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  • Underwater Services ...

    Underwater Services ...

    Hull Cleaning, Propeller Polishing, InWater Surveys, and other UW services

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Ports of attendance at Brazil

Rio Grande, Paranagua, Sao Francisco do Sul, Santos, Sao Sebastiao, Angra, Rio de Janeiro, Itaguai, Vitoria, Salvador, Fortaleza and Itaqui

About Maxxiport Group

The Maxxiport Group was formed in order to provide underwater services and cargo holds cleaning with high quality for charterers and shipowners in the main ports of Brazil.
For underwater services, we work with the commercial diving company Netuno Divers, belonging to the same administrative group, operational and financial. The Netuno operates in naval services, inshore and offshore.

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